Israeli airstrikes near Syrian capital, claims Syrian news channel

Damascus: On Wednesday, after midnight, Israeli military launched fierce airstrikes near the Syrian capital, Damascus. A Syrian news channel informed that four Syrian soldiers lost their lives in the attacks. The Syrian news channel also claimed that the Syrian military activated the air defence system to retaliate against the Israeli airstrike.

Israeli airstrikes near Syrian capital, claims Syrian news channelThe news channel claimed that missiles were launched towards Syria, from the Golan Hills region under Israeli control. As per the news channel, some of the missiles entered Syria, passing through the Lebanese airspace. The concerned news channel claimed that a few soldiers lost lives in the attack and collateral damage was caused. However, the air defence system of the Syrian military neutralised many of the Israeli missiles.

Syrian human rights organisation rubbished this claim. Israeli airstrikes were carried out to target an arms depot near Damascus. The concerned warehouses are under Iranian control. The human rights organisation informed that these warehouses were reduced to cinders in the Israeli airstrike. As per the information given by the Hezbollah linked news channel, the attacks were carried out by Israeli fighter jets. The Lebanese news channel also claimed that one of the missiles fired by the Syrian air defence system towards the Israeli fighter jets landed near the Syria-Lebanon border.Israeli airstrikes near Syrian capital, claims Syrian news channel

Meanwhile, the Syrian and Lebanese news channels have broadcasted reports of Israeli attacks earlier as well. Syria had accused Israel of being combative, saying that its fighter jets intrude into the Syrian airspace to launch the airstrikes. But Israel has not confirmed these reports appearing in the media. But Israeli leaders have already warned that Israel will not allow Hezbollah and the Iran affiliated terrorists, posing a threat to Israeli security, to be armed. Israel has also warned that no one can stop the Israeli airstrikes.

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