Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to visit Europe next week to discuss Iran’s nuclear aspirations

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Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu informed that he is scheduled to visit Europe next week to discuss the issue of the nuclear aspirations of Iran and its movements to increase its influence in the Middle East. Following the United States’ withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal, the European nations had taken the decision to cooperate with Iran to save the deal. The Israeli Prime Minister’s Europe visit is considered important against this background.


‘I am visiting Europe next week. I am scheduled to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the French President Emmanuel Macron and possibly the British Prime Minister Theresa May. I will be discussing with them about the measures to be taken to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions and its movements to increase its influence in the Middle East. I intend to make the Israeli position concerning this issue very clear,’ these were the words used by Prime Minister Netanyahu to describe the purpose of his Europe visit.

‘For the past many years, Israel has been the only one firmly combating the Iranian threat but the situation has changed now’, said the Israeli Prime Minister as he explained the objective of his visit. France has confirmed the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit and has accepted that Iran will be the main topic of discussion.

Both Germany and France have taken a decision to firmly support Iran on the nuclear deal issue. The European Union (EU) also has supported Iran and has taken a stance to cooperate with Russia and China over the Iranian nuclear deal. Analysts claim that against this backdrop, there is a possibility of clashes between Israel and the European nations during Netanyahu’s visit.

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