During Israel-Hamas war, Israel used drone swarms to obtain intelligence on Hamas

London- The 11-day conflict with Hamas in May was the world’s first war fought by artificial intelligence, Israeli military officials said a month ago. At the same time, Israel warned its enemies that it had achieved great strides in military technology. It is now being reported that Israel had used drone swarms to obtain information needed before launching attacks on Hamas terrorists in the 11-day war. The London-based magazine claimed that this led to a clash between Israel and Hamas over the world’s first AI-controlled drone swarms.  


A major clash erupted in May between the Israeli army and Hamas militants in Gaza. Hamas fired 4,300 rockets and missiles at Israel. The Israeli military responded by airstrikes on Hamas. The entire conflict killed 256 people in Gaza and 13 in Israel. Israel claims to have killed more than 150 Hamas militants in Gaza. This is considered to be the worst conflict between Israel and Hamas so far.  

In the conflict, Israel used drone swarms to find the hideouts of Hamas terrorists. The London-based magazine, New Scientist, has made this claim. The magazine said this is for the first time that AI-based drone swarms have been used in this way. Until now, the United States has used large drones to carry out terrorist attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. These drones were operated by pilots stationed in another country. But the drones used by Israel to track down the Hamas terrorists were based on AI technology, claimed the magazine.  

It is unknown whether the Israeli drone swarms used in this conflict were used only to obtain information. However, the magazine said that the drone swarms could gather accurate information about Hamas terrorists and provide it to the military. The magazine claims that this has made it easier for Israel to launch attacks on Hamas terrorists. The Israeli army has not released any official details.  

Arthur Holland, an analyst at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, said, ‘Israel may have used drone swarms in its anti-Hamas operations only to gather information. However, these artificial swarms of drones will make a huge difference in warfare in the future.’ Earlier, the United States, Russia and China reportedly began work on drone swarms. But New Scientist has raised concerns by announcing that it already in use. 

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