Israel will deploy laser systems to ensure the security of the borders

Third World War

Jerusalem: The major countries of the world are making remarkable progress in super advanced technologies like stealth fighter jets, hypersonic missiles and electromagnetic railgun. It is to counter these advanced arms, the need for the development of the Laser Gun has been felt increasingly. The United States and Russia have taken the lead on this front, and as per information, Israel has taken aggressive steps in the manufacture of the Laser Gun. The Israeli Defence Department has been working on the Laser Gun since the past few years and has claimed that the manufacture is almost complete. The Israel military sources claimed that this technology is being developed to retaliate against the missile and rocket attacks on the Israeli border.


laser-systemsTwo and a half years ago, Israel initiated the development of the Laser Gun with a provision of billions of dollars. Retired Brigadier Danny Gold, who had participated in the development of the Iron Dome missile defence system, has been entrusted the responsibility of this development. An Israeli economic newspaper reported that the Israeli defence department and private enterprises are engaged jointly in the development of the system.

The development of the Laser Gun is almost complete, and the testing will start soon. The details of the development have been kept confidential, and the Israeli defence department has not given any reaction over the concerned report. But the sources connected with the defence department told an economic newspaper that the crucial stages in the development of the Laser Gun had been passed.

It is said that Laser system will assist in countering the missile and rocket attacks originating from Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Syria. Therefore, it is claimed that this system will provide an alternative to the indigenously made air defence systems like Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow deployed at the Israeli border.

Israel developed Iron Dome missile defence system in 2010 to counter the missile and rocket attacks originating from Gaza, Lebanon and Syria. The system has been commissioned in the Israeli military since 2011, and as per the claim of the Israeli military, the system has successfully neutralised more than 2,000 missiles and rockets. Only last month, Hamas launched nearly 300 rocket attacks into Israel from Gaza. Iron Dome successfully neutralised more than 80% of the rockets. Iron Dome system has been deployed at the Lebanese and Syrian borders.

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