Israel-Palestine conflict intensifies: Israel lashes out at US concerns

Jerusalem/Washington – The conflict between the Israeli police and the protesting Palestinians, going on since the last two days, intensified further on Monday morning. More than 300 people were injured out of which 206 were admitted to hospitals, in the conflict, which lasted for a few hours. In the last 24 hours, Hamas launched 7 rocket attacks into Israel. Reactions are being received from around the world over the Israel-Palestinian conflict and the United States too, has expressed concerns over the conflict. But Israel lashed out that it will be more beneficial if the United States exerted pressure on the people supporting the perpetrators of violence, instead of expressing concerns.


Israel-PalestineFierce conflict has been sparked in Jerusalem since Friday. More than 400 people have been injured in the conflict between Israeli police and Palestinians. Violence has broken out in adjacent region Sheikh Jarah, along with Jerusalem. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had appealed to stop the violence. Israeli Prime Minister also suggested changes in the Jerusalem Day function, celebrated every year on 10th of May.

But the conflict was sparked once again, between the Israeli police and the Palestinian protestors, on Monday morning at around 7, in the premises of the place of worship, Al Aksa. The protestor resorted to heavy stone pelting on the police. Whereas, the police used tear gas and rubber bullets. 305 Palestinian protestors and 16 policemen were injured in the conflict. 205 protestors and 1 policeman have been admitted to hospitals. The Palestinian organisation claimed that 7 protestors were in a critical state.

While the conflict is continuing in Jerusalem, Hamas also is continuing its rocket attacks into Israel. On Sunday night two rockets landed in the Ashkelon region in south Israel, followed by 2 rockets after midnight. The Iron Dome air defence system neutralised two rockets successfully. Whereas, on Monday, early in the morning, another three rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip. Moreover, balloon attacks have also started in the Israeli border region, from Gaza. In retaliation, the Israeli military targeted Hamas locations in Gaza.


Hamas has held Israel responsible for the incidents in Jerusalem and has threatened to increase the attacks in the coming times. Against this background, Israel has kept its soldiers on the Gaza border, in a state of readiness. Whereas, Israel has started major war exercise on the northern border with Lebanon. Reports are being received that even Hezbollah from Lebanon has increased its movements on the border following the Israeli exercises.

The reaction given by the office of Turkish President Recep Erdogan noted ‘Turkey has given a vitriolic reaction regarding the Jerusalem conflict. The attack in Jerusalem is an attack on all of our pride. It is everyone’s duty to protect the honour.’

Whereas, the Biden administration in the United States also expressed concerns over the concerned conflict. White House said that the US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan expressed the concern during a telephonic conversation with Israeli National Security Advisor Mir Ben Shabbat. Shabbat criticised ‘Despite consistent incitement Israel is handling the issue responsibly and with humane approach, respecting the sovereignty of others. But those interested in pressurising Israel are perpetrating international interference to support the rioters.’

The Israeli National Security Advisor also retorted ‘It will be more beneficial for Israel, if the United States pressurised the perpetrators of violence, instead of only expressing concerns.’

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