Coronavirus death toll in US could be over 900,000: claims Dr. Anthony Fauci

US-Corona-victims, coronavirusWashington – Anthony Fauci, advisor to the US President, claimed that the number of Coronavirus deaths in the United States could be over 900,000. At this time, Fauci pointed to a report by a US think-tank and confessed that considering the predictions made by them, such a situation is unprecedented in the last 100 years. Only last week, the President’s advisor had reminded that victory has not still been achieved against Coronavirus.


The report published recently by Institute for Health Matrix and Evaluation (IHME) claims that the number of Coronavirus deaths are more than double the officially recorded numbers. As per this claim, the United States, the worst hit so far, has had 905,000 Coronavirus deaths. In one of his interviews, Fauci said that the number of deaths was around the same figure, as predicted in the report.

US-Corona-victims, coronavirus

Fauci confessed that the US agencies were lax in recording the number of deaths. At the same time, he also claimed that the models devised by these think tanks could be accurate. Fauci also said that the IHME prediction demonstrates the phenomenal extent of Coronavirus; the world has not faced such a situation in the last 100 years.

More than 32.7 million have been reported in the United States and the number of deaths recorded is 581,000. In the last week, the number of new cases of Coronavirus relatively reduced. Against this background, the statements made by the advisor to US President become significant.

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