Hamas will fire rockets at Israeli cities again: Hezbollah-backed Lebanese newspaper

Beirut: – Hamas has threatened that it will start firing rockets at Israeli cities again if Israel hurts the sentiments of Palestinians. This threat was published by a Lebanese newspaper affiliated with Hezbollah. A ceasefire has been imposed between Israel and Hamas after a fierce conflict, which lasted 11 days. But this is a temporary arrangement. Hamas is repeatedly warning Israel that the conflict can spark any time.   


In 1967, a six-day war was fought between Israel and the neighbouring countries. Israel that emerged victorious in the war annexed Jerusalem to Israel. A ‘Victory Day’ is celebrated, with a procession, in Israel every year on 10th May to commemorate this win. A victory procession was planned for this May as well. But following missile and rocket shower by Hamas from the Gaza Strip, the procession had to be postponed.   

After the procession was postponed twice, the security agencies permitted the procession last week, given the security concerns. Accordingly, the procession is scheduled to start on 15th June from Jerusalem. But Hamas has accused that this procession, sanctioned by the Israeli government, hurts the sentiments of Palestinians. The Hezbollah linked newspaper informed that Hamas reached this threat to Israel through Abbas Kemal, the chief of the Egyptian intelligence agency.   

Hamas has warned Israeli leaders that Hamas will shower rockets and missiles on Israeli cities once again, like 10th May, if the procession is held despite its warning. Whereas, senior Hamas leader Mahmood Al-Jahar threatened Israel, even during an interview with the Hamas mouthpiece in Gaza. Al-Jahar threatened that Hamas would carry out more horrific attacks on Israel. A few hours ago, another Hamas leader, Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, also announced that the option of targeting main Israeli cities with rockets and missiles is open. Hamas announced that it has become increased its weapons arsenal furthermore during the ceasefire. Hamas had declared after the imposition of the ceasefire that there is no written accord with Israel and its fingers were still on the triggers. In contrast, Hezbollah had announced that it would join Hamas in the conflict against Israel. 

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