Hezbollah leaders threaten Israel with war

Jerusalem/Beirut – It has not been even a month since the Israel-Hamas conflict, and there was an intrusion attempt into Israel from Lebanon. While reacting to the intrusion, Israeli Defence Minister, Benny Gantz, pointed out to Lebanon that the Israel-Hamas conflict was just the tip of an iceberg. A senior Hezbollah leader reacted to this, saying that if a dispute flares up, Hezbollah will push Israel into the flames of hell. Whereas, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah warned that the Israeli military action in Jerusalem would spark a regional war.


Israel-Palestine conflict,israel-hamas attack,ceasefire,Benny Gantz,Jerusalem,Hezbollah,Nasrallah,LebanonTwo days ago, two people intruded into Israel through the Lebanon border. An alert was issued in the Israeli border areas, for a minimum of two hours, because of the intrusion. These two intruders were arrested and handed over to the Israeli military. Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz criticised this intrusion from Lebanon. Gantz warned Hezbollah, who is using the Lebanese population as a shield, as well as Hamas, and the Lebanese leadership that supports Hezbollah.

Gantz warned, ‘Lebanon should remember that the experiences in the Gaza Strip were only the tip of an iceberg because Israel is always ready to defend its population. If a conflict flares up with Lebanon, Israel will use such massive military power that Lebanon will have to suffer the pains of immense losses.’ Senior Hezbollah official Hassan al-Baghdadi threatened Israel over this. Baghdadi threatened, ‘If Israel makes the mistake of declaring a war against Hezbollah, Israel will have to face the flames of hell. If Israel does not learn its lesson and does not make necessary corrections in time, understanding the real politics, Israel will suffer huge losses.’ Whereas, the chief of the organisation, Hassan Nasrallah, announced that assistance would be taken from the Houthi rebels in Yemen to launch attacks on Israel. Nasrallah threatened that if Israel crossed its limits in Jerusalem, the regional war would flare up, and attacks will be launched on Israel from Yemen, Gaza and Syria, along with Lebanon.

Israel-Palestine conflict,israel-hamas attack,ceasefire,Benny Gantz,Jerusalem,Hezbollah,Nasrallah,LebanonMeanwhile, the conflict that flared up between Israel and Gaza in the last month had been planned in the previous year itself. It has also been revealed that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, along with the terrorist organisations Hamas and Hezbollah, monitored the conflict by creating a war room in Beirut. This increases the gravity of the threat issued by Nasrallah to Israel.

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