China will never tolerate foreign interference in the Taiwan issue, warns senior Chinese official

Beijing: – The democratic countries lashed out at the monopolistic Chinese regime and declared open support for Taiwan in the G7 and NATO meetings. Infuriated by this, China issued a warning to the western countries by sending bombers with nuclear weapons into the Taiwanese airspace. After reactions started coming from the international level, China justified its action. China threatened that it would not tolerate any conscious foreign interference in the Taiwan issue. At the same time, following the bombers and fighter jets, China sent its dredger ships near the Taiwanese marine limits.   


The democratic countries launched a scathing attack on China during the G7 meeting held at Cornwall in the United Kingdom on Sunday. The G7 countries criticised China in the joint statement, ‘China is disregarding Taiwan’s air and marine sovereignty. The Chinese activities have threatened the peace and stability in the region.’ Following the G7 meeting, the China issue was raised even in the NATO meeting held in Brussels.  

Annoyed by this stand adopted by G7 and NATO members, China sent 28 aeroplanes into the Taiwanese airspace on Tuesday, early in the morning. These included bombers loaded with nuclear weapons. Strong reactions were received regarding this on the international level. Western countries severely criticised the Chinese action. But the Chinese communist party mouthpiece justified the action saying that it was a part of a routine exercise.   

On Wednesday, Ma Xiaoguang, the spokesman of the Chinese department for Taiwan, spoke to the media and indicated that the Chinese action was in retaliation against the G7 decision. He stated, ‘China will never tolerate the demand for independent Taiwan and any foreign interference in the issue. China took this action so that everyone understood this properly.’ Xiaoguang threatened the government of Tsai Ing-wen in Taiwan and the democratic countries supporting Taiwan.  

Meanwhile, reports are being received that, along with the Chinese bombers and fighter jets, even dredger ships intruded into the Taiwanese marine limits. A Japanese news agency said that these Chinese ships are dredging in the maritime boundaries of an island near the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. Reactions may be received from the international level over this action of the Chinese ships. 

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