Israel to join the US campaign against Iran in the Persian Gulf, announces Israel Foreign Minister Katz

Third World WarJerusalem: Israel will be joining the front formed by the United States with its allies, to stop the growing Iranian influence and the security of the Persian Gulf region. Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz made this announcement.

Last month, Iran seized a British oil tanker sailing through the Persian Gulf. The entire Persian Gulf is under Iranian control, and Iran had threatened to take action against all the oil tankers passing through this region. Accusing that this Iranian threat amounts to ocean terrorism, the United States appealed to all its allies to unite to open a front against Iran, in the Persian Gulf. The United States announced that it was dispatching its warships for the security of the ships, in this all-important commercial marine sector.

Israel join US campaign against Iran Persian GulfIsrael has responded to the US appeal. Israeli Foreign Minister Katz said, while talking in front of the ‘Foreign and Security committee’ of the Israeli parliament that Israel will be joining the front formed by the United States, for the security of the Persian Gulf.

Foreign Minister Katz did not specify whether Israel will be sending warships to the Persian Gulf according to the US appeal. But Katz indicated that the front formed by the United States with its allies would be supplied confidential information regarding Iran. Katz said that at the same time, all the necessary cooperation would be provided by Israel, to the front.

Katz suggested to the foreign department that the concerned Israeli officials should connect with officials from the United States and its allies, in the front, formed against Iran. Katz told the parliament that stopping the Iranian influence and improving relations with the Gulf countries was in Israel’s interest.

A few days ago, Katz visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Katz clarified that even during the visit, there was a consensus on participating in the front formed by the United States.

Meanwhile, only a few hours ago, the United Kingdom and Australia announced that they would be joining the US front. Now with Israel joining, the seriousness of the developments in the Gulf increased further.

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