Israel can carry out attacks against Iran anywhere in Syria, warns Prime Minister Netanyahu

Third World WarJerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that Israel will attack the Iranian military bases not only near the Golan Heights border but anywhere in Syria. Prime Minister Netanyahu clarified Israel’s position about Iran before Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman left for his Russia visit.


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had clarified time and again that Iranian military bases in Syria will not be tolerated. Stating that the military bases of Iran and its associated organisations are a threat to Israel’s security, he had threatened to attack the Iranian locations in Syria. Prime Minister Netanyahu, had objected to the Iranian military deployment in Syria and had warned of a military action, even during his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It is claimed that Russia also has assured Israel about the Iranian military bases in Syria. But the Iranian military activities still continue. Against this background, the Israeli Defence Minister Lieberman left for Russia on Wednesday to meet the Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu. It is being said that Lieberman will register a strong protest against the Iranian deployment in Syria, in his visit.

Before Lieberman left for Russia, Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a warning about the Iranian deployment. Israel had earlier demanded that the militaries of Iran and its associate organisations should not be deployed near the Golan Heights border under Israeli control. But Prime Minister Netanyahu has warned that not only in the Golan Region, but Iranian military movements anywhere in Syria will be attacked.

In the last one month, Israel has carried out three airstrikes on locations of Iran and associated organisations. Out of these, the attack on 10th of May is considered to be the most severe. In this attack Israel had targeted more than 60 locations.

Israeli jets hover over the Syria-Lebanon border

Beirut: Iran’s refusal to withdraw its military from Syria despite Russia’s suggestion to do so, have increased the possibility of Israeli attacks on Iran. The locals have seen an Israeli fighter jet hovering over the Syria-Lebanon border. Therefore, Israel may carry out fresh attacks on Iranian bases in Syria at any moment, claims a Lebanese news agency.

israel, syria, f35 benjamin netanyahu, russia, iranA few hours back, an Israeli fighter jet entered the Lebanese border form Galilee in the north. This fighter jet proceeded towards the Bekaa Valley near the Syrian border, said the locals. The sources told the news agency that the fighter jet did not enter the Syrian border despite hovering in the area for a few minutes.

The Israeli fighter jets have earlier intruded Lebanon and carried out attacks on Iranian and Hezbollah locations in Syria. The sorties by the Israeli fighter jet indicate that the possibility of the Israeli attack on the Iranian locations in Syria has become stronger. Two weeks ago, a US-made F-35 Stealth Fighter jet had intruded into Lebanon to carry out attacks in Syria. Out of these two fighter jets had hovered over the Lebanese capital of Beirut and the Israeli army had published their photographs.

This had sparked a new conflict. Israel was criticised for violating the sovereignty of Lebanon and also international laws, with the intrusion of its fighter jets in the Syrian airspace.


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