UK will change human rights laws if they come in the way of tough action against terrorists : Prime Minister of UK

London : The UK which has tolerated three major terror attacks within a span of three months, will henceforth take tough actions against terrorism, announced Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK. If the human rights laws come in the way of these actions, then the actions will be carried out after altering the laws, said Prime Minister May.


It has come to the fore that the accused in the terror attacks at London Bridge, Manchester and the attack over the UK Parliament, were British nationals. The Intelligence agencies had warned that such terrorists, inspired by the activities of ‘IS’ in Iraq and Syria, have been preparing to carry out major mishaps in the UK. The intelligence agencies in the UK had informed that 5000 such suspected terrorists are ready for terror attacks in the UK. Out of these, a few suspects have entered UK through the mobs of migrants during last few months.

Against this background, the Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May, on Wednesday vowed to take though actions against the terrorists and suspects. Prime Minister May indicated that in times to come, the UK’s security agencies will also initiate action against the extremists in the country. ‘While taking actions against the terrorists and extremists, the human rights laws might come in the way. If situation warrants, necessary changes will be made in these laws and the stringent action against the terrorists will be continued’, announced Prime Minister May during her election campaign.

The London Bridge attack took place in the course of elections in the UK and this led to severe criticism against Prime Minister May. The opposition and the media are accusing that the government of UK is not paying enough attention towards security and this government is incapable to take severe action against terrorists. Against this background, the Prime Minister May seems to have become more aggressive.

 France forms new ‘Task Force’ against terrorism

Paris : The government of France, having expressed concern over the attack by an assaulter at the famous ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ in the capital city Paris, announced a new ‘Task Force’ against terrorism. France has become a target for terror attacks since past few months and President Emmanuel Macron announced aggressive measures against terrorism. Meanwhile, on the background of repetitive terror attacks, emergency has already been declared in the major cities of France.

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