Iraq will not be allowed to become a launchpad for attacks on Saudi, Iraq PM assures

Riyadh: – Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimiy assured ‘Saudi Arabia is an ally of Iraq. We will not allow use of the Iraqi land as a launching pad for attacks on Saudi Arabia.’ Iraqi Prime Minister also accused that some people are playing mischiefs to spoil Iraq and Saudi relations.   


Iraqi Prime Minister Kadhimiy was on a two-day visit to Saudi. During the visit, he met Saudi King Salman, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Foreign Minister Prince Faisal. Media from both countries claimed that Kadhimiy reassured Saudi over the security issues.   

iraq-launchpad-saudiIn January, a drone loaded with explosives had crashed near Al-Yamama, the Saudi Royal family’s main building, in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. US media had claimed that the drone was launched from Iraq. An Iran affiliated terrorist group from Iraq had even accepted the responsibility of the attack. But Iran had dismissed the claim made by the terrorist group. Prime Minister Kadhimiy said that there have been no attacks on Saudi from Iraqi land.   

A month ago, Saudi Defence Chief Major General Fayyadh had visited Iraq. During the visit, Major General Fayyadh had expressed concerns over the attacks in his country, originating from Iraq. He also suggested that missiles of Iranian origin are hidden deep in the Iraqi desert. The Saudi Defence chief had warned that Iran is supplying missiles and rockets to the extremist groups in Iraq, posing a threat to Saudi Arabia’s security.   

Kamidhiy took over as the Iraqi Prime Minister only a few months ago. It is claimed that the lawmakers and leaders in the Kadhiniy cabinet of Ministers are pro-Iran. But it is said that Prime Minister Kadhimiy shares a friendly relation with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Against this background, the importance of Prime Minister Kadhimiy’s visit to Saudi increases further.   

Prime Minister Kadhimiy reassured Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman that the use of Iraqi land will not be allowed for attacks on Saudi. Saying that mischiefs are being played to strain the relations between the two countries, Prime Minister Kadhimiy seems to have targeted the Iran affiliated groups and Iran. Meanwhile, it is being revealed that five bilateral agreements were signed between Iraq and Saudi during Prime Minister Kadhimiy’s visit. 

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