Iraq’s War against ISIS is over, declares Iraqi Prime Minister

Baghdad: While declaring its victory in its war against ISIS, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stated that the Iraqi army had attained complete control over the Iraq–Syria border and thus, he was declaring that the war against ISIS was finally over. He said that their enemy tried to destroy their culture, however, their unity and determination helped them turn victorious. He said that they had emerged victorious in a little amount of time. Due to this declaration, the war against ISIS in the Middle East is believed to have reached its climax.


iraq-isisIn 2014, the terrorist organization ISIS had successfully gained control over large parts of the northern and the western regions of Iraq. ISIS had not only managed to take over major cities like Mosul, but also gained control over the Iraq–Syria border. After taking control over the oil business in Iraq as well as 70 lakh citizens, ISIS had announced the ‘Caliphate’ regime.

An aggressive campaign began against this dominance of ISIS from 2015. Initially, local armed groups and the Iraqi armed forces began conflict against ‘ISIS‘. Subsequently, ‘air attacks’ were initiated by the international community under the US leadership. While the US military units were also deployed to assist the Iraqi armed forces simultaneously. The ground attacks by the Iraqi military forces and the air attacks that were undergoing for more than a year under the US leadership, played a vital role in defeating ISIS.

While attacks were ongoing under the US charge, the Syrian military with the support of the Russia and Iran, intensified its fight against ISIS. ISIS was unsuccessful in combating the attacks that were going on simultaneously at two ends. Thus, it is now known that ISIS has been defeated in both countries of Iraq and Syria. Only two days ago, a senior Russian military official declared that the war against ISIS in Syria was won.

Iraqi Prime Minister’s declaration of victory in the war against ‘ISIS’ which followed immediately, certainly attracts attention to itself.   

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