Biden echoing Jinping on Uighur genocide, alleges former US Secretary of State Pompeo

Washington: – Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made some vitriolic criticism, ‘China is perpetrating a genocide of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. This is the biggest crime against humanity. Instead of raising a voice against it, President Biden is singing the same tune as Chinese President Jinping.’ Pompeo appealed that Biden should instead adopt a stand to counter China, just like Trump. 


uighur-biden-jinpingA few days ago, US President Joe Biden held telephonic discussions with Chinese President Xi Jinping.  While speaking to a US news channel regarding this, Biden said that President Jinping is trying to keep China united. Biden claimed that Jinping is forced to take some tough stands for this purpose. During this interview, Biden said that China is a country with an independent culture, and the United States cannot interfere in the Hong Kong, Uyghur and Taiwan issues. 

Intense reactions were received from the United States over this interview. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lashed out that Biden is speaking the language of Jinping. Pompeo said during an interview with a news channel, ‘Jinping has realised that the current US administration is very docile. Jinping knows that the Biden administration will oppose only for the sake of it and will not take any action.’ 

At the same time, Former US Secretary of State Pompeo appealed, ‘The Chinese communist regime has intruded into the United States for the last 50 years, stole millions of jobs, stole the intellectual property, and invaded into the US science and technology organisations. But Trump countered China entirely on all fronts. President Biden also should adopt a stand like Trump and counter China. 

Pompeo demanded that the United States should boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in China, which is responsible for the Uyghur genocide. Along with Pompeo, the demand is gaining ground from the United States and many other countries to boycott the 2022 winter Olympics. China has threatened that in such a scenario, there will be severe repercussions. 

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