British Prime Minister hints at deploying UK troops in Yemen

London: – The United Kingdom welcomed the ceasefire proposal presented by Saudi to end the six-year-old conflict in Yemen. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that if all the warring factions agree to this ceasefire proposal, the United Kingdom will send its military for peace and stability in Yemen. Two days ago, leaders from the United Kingdom, France and Germany held discussions regarding the ceasefire in Yemen.   


Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Faisal proposed a ceasefire to the Saudi-backed government in Yemen and the Houthi rebels. Saudi appealed that the violence should be stopped in Yemen; a ceasefire should be implemented. The Saudi proposal got welcomed all around the globe. It was expected that this would end the civil war in Yemen and the Yemenis population would receive aid. British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab also had expressed support for the Saudi proposal.   

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the Saudi initiative for a ceasefire while speaking in the parliament. Prime Minister Johnson said that the possibility of finding a diplomatic solution to the problem has increased because of the Saudi initiative. At the same time, he said that if all the warring factions accept the ceasefire, the United Kingdom will send its soldiers to maintain peace and stability.   

The British Prime Minister informed that this would be done under the UN peace campaign. But Johnson clarified that the situation in Yemen has to improve for this.   

After Saudi appealed for a ceasefire to Houthis in Yemen, the British, French and German leaders held discussions regarding it. It is claimed that all these three countries discussed sending peacekeeping forces to Yemen. But there is no official information regarding this. The United States has also sent Tim Lenderking, US special envoy for the Gulf countries, to visit the Gulf countries. The US department of state informed that Lenderking would be appealing to the Iran affiliated Houthi rebels to accept the proposal and participate in the ceasefire.   

The Houthi rebels have dismissed the ceasefire proposal presented by Saudi, five days ago. Houthis, as well as Iran, criticised that there is nothing new in the Saudi proposal. After that, the Houthi rebels launched drone and missile attacks on Saudi fuel projects, military bases and civilian locations. Saudi has exhibited restraint after these Houthi attacks. Because of Saudi’s restraint, international pressure could increase on the Houthi rebels to accept the ceasefire proposal presented by Saudi. 

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