China will oppose QUAD, announces Chinese defence ministry

Beijing: Chinese defence ministry announced that China opposes the QUAD cooperation between India, the United States, Japan and Australia. Colonel Ren Guoqiang, the spokesman of the Chinese defence ministry, accused of a cold war mentality behind QUAD’s formation. Colonel Ren Guoqiang expressed hope that the United States will give up this mentality and not dig up non-existent disputes in the Indo-Pacific sector.

Leaders of the QUAD countries held a virtual meeting on the 12th of March. The virtual meeting organised, with an initiative from US President Joe Biden, was attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. China had given a very guarded reaction regarding the QUAD meeting. The Chinese foreign ministry stated that this organisation should not be against any nation. But now, China has indicated taking an open stand against QUAD.

China will oppose QUAD, announces Chinese defence ministryChinese foreign ministry spokesman, Colonel Ren Guoqiang, accused that this is an organisation arising out of the cold war mentality and said that China is against it. Colonel Guoqiang also accused that this group is a part of the anti-China tactics. Saying that efforts to provoke regional countries against China are being made through QUAD, Colonel Guoqiang castigated the United States. Guoqiang demanded that the United States should stop these efforts.

Groups and front formations, like the cold war era, will not achieve anything. Cooperation is the most important in today’s world. The United States is forming a front against China to dismantle global peace. The foreign ministry spokesman bragged that China, in turn, is making significant contributions to international peace.

Colonel Guoqiang clarified that China does not challenge other countries, but China will not hesitate to face the challenges posed in front of it. Meanwhile, it has been exposed time and again that China is restless because of QUAD. India has already clarified that QUAD cooperation is not against any country. At the same time, Indian Chief of Army Staff General MM Naravane recently described that QUAD is not a military organisation. Military cooperation is a part of the QUAD cooperation. Simultaneously, the Indian Army Chief pointed out that China has made its intentions clear to the international community by intruding into the Philippines marine limits with more than 200 ships.

Army Chief General Naravane underlined the importance of the QUAD cooperation with this. China is directly threatening the United States to stop this cooperation from developing further. But indications are that India, Japan and Australia are taking care that the QUAD cooperation is not dependent only on the US stand. Countries like France and the United Kingdom also are showing interest in QUAD and the Indo-pacific sector, and they are keen to cooperate with India and Japan for this purpose. Some strategy analysts have claimed that QUAD will develop into a strong organisation like NATO or maybe even stronger than NATO. More importantly, QUAD cooperation will not remain limited to military cooperation. This will also include collaboration in economic and other sectors.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed discussions on issues like Corona vaccination and climate change during the QUAD virtual meeting on the 12th of March. The Indian Prime Minister claimed that this indicates that the QUAD is developing into a matured organisation. China was conspiring to extract political and economic benefits from smaller, weaker countries in exchange for the Corona vaccine supply developed by China. But Japan and the United States will be funding the supply of the Corona vaccine developed by India to these countries on Chinese radar. In contrast, Australia has taken responsibility for the distribution of the vaccine. In this way, QUAD is challenging China not only on the military front but also on other strategic levels.

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