Indian soldier martyred in Pakistani firing, India retaliates strongly 

Srinagar: – One Indian soldier was martyred in the firing by Pakistani soldiers, in the Rajouri district of Jammu-Kashmir. The Indian military retaliated strongly to the Pakistani firing, killing 2 Pakistani soldiers. One Pakistani military post also was destroyed. Four Indian soldiers have been killed in Pakistani firing in this month.  

Indian soldierPakistan military started firing in the Krishna Ghati sector, in the Poonch district. Thereafter, at 5:30 in the morning, firing started in the Naushera Sector, in the Rajouri district. Army spokesman Colonel Devendra Anand said that Havildar Deepak Karki was martyred in the firing. Colonel Devendra Anand added that Havildar Deepak Karki was every devoted and brave soldier and the country will never forget his ultimate sacrifice and dedication.   

Indian soldiers retaliated strongly to the provocative Pakistani firing and destroyed one Pakistan military post. It is being revealed that 2 Pakistani soldiers were killed in the Indian attack. Since the last few days, Pakistan is consistently carrying out firing, on the Line of Control. Many terrorists are waiting in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, for an opportunity to infiltrate into India. Pakistan is resorting to firing to provide a cover to terrorist infiltration and the intensity of the Pakistani firing has increased ever since tension was created on the Indo-Chinese border.  But as per reports, Indian Army is retaliating strongly and Pakistan has suffered major losses in these encounters.  

While the India-China border dispute is festering, the Indian military is concentrated on the Indo-Chinese border. Some ‘Intellectual’ people from Pakistan are suggesting that Pakistan should annex Kashmir to Pakistan, taking advantage of the situation. Pakistan military analysts are claiming that; apparently, China has increased the tension on the border, taking cognisance of the Indian military’s plan to take over Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Therefore, Pakistani analysts are forwarding logic that as India will not be able to fight a war, on both China and Pakistan fronts, Pakistan should invade Kashmir taking advantage of the situation. But aware of Pakistan-China Collusion, India has made preparations to fight a war on both the fronts. Therefore, Indian analysts have warned that Pakistan should not make a blunder of testing the Indian strength.   

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