India extends an invitation to the newly appointed anti-China Mongolian President

New Delhi : The newly appointed Mongolian President, Khaltmaa Battulga won over his presidency by advocating a reduction in the dependence on China. India has extended a friendly hand to this anti-China politician. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invitation to Khaltmaa Battulga seems to be a diplomatic move in this direction.


Khaltmaa Battulga assumed the post of President on 10th July, 2017.  He was elected after winning a staggering 50.6% votes., He is the first President in the history of Mongolia, to be elected with such tremendous majority and is known for his sharp anti-China views.

This Democratic Party leader has given many assurances during his election campaign. His ‘United Mongolia’ campaign had become very popular. He has promised to strengthen the economy of Mongolia. He had also announced that Mongolia would establish and strengthen friendly relations with countries other than China. This is believed to be a major shift in Mongolia’s foreign policy.

China has always been a threat to India. Experts believe that India must take advantage of the newly elected  anti-China President of Mongolia. Indian government too seems to be moving ahead in that direction.

As soon as Khaltmaa Battulga took over the Presidentship of Mongolia, he was sent congratulatory messages by both, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the then President Pranab Mukherjee. He has also been sent an invitation to visit India.

Last year China had created barriers resulting in few financial hassles to Mongolia. 90% of Mongolian exports are purchased by China. Last year in December, Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama had paid a visit to Mongolia. As a lesson to Mongolia, China imposed huge taxes on imports from Mongolia. This led to major issues and scarcity of essentials in Mongolia. Mongolia had called upon to India for help at the time.

India had assured complete support to Mongolia. India has also announced the sanction of the 100 crore dollars loan that was committed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2015 visit to Mongolia, at the earliest. This did not go down well with China. Though China did not show any reaction to India, it has threatened Mongolia and also remarked this would be a foolish move on the part of Mongolia.

Under tremendous pressure, the then Mongolian Government had promised China never to invite Dalai Lama to Mongolia again. It was only then that China had relaxed few duties.

Mongolia is, however, very upset and unhappy with the oppression of China. Battulga’s victory stands testimony to this. The Indian Government’s moves to extend a friendly hand to Mongolia will definitely have a significant impact.

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