India-Russia-China holds trilateral talks, against the background of the G-20 summit

Osaka: Trilateral meeting between India, Russia and China was held during the G-20 summit in the city of Osaka, in Japan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue of terrorism before Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, during the meeting. The Indian Prime Minister had also participated in the JAI trilateral meeting with the United States and Japan along with this RIC meeting. It is crucial to note that the Indian Prime Minister was a part of the meetings of both the adversary groups.


trilateral, india, russia, chinaThe reflections of all the political, trade and military disputes around the world were seen in the G-20 conference. The importance of the political discussions at the G-20 conference increased further given the US-China trade war and the aggressive stance taken by the United States on the Iran issue. At the same time, the tension between Japan, the organiser of the summit and China is escalating, and Japan seems to be taking this opportunity to form a political front against China. This was reflected in the trilateral meeting between India, Japan and the United States.

However, on the other hand, Russia and China seem to have joined hands against the monopolistic trade policies of the United States. Both these leading countries have started efforts to gain support from India on the issue. During the RIC, India had taken a stand that the process of unilateral trade decisions, is a significant threat to the International trade. At the same time, Prime Minister Modi took the opportunity to raise the issue of terrorism, during the meeting. Prime Minister Modi claimed that terrorism is the biggest threat to the world. Prime Minister Modi delivered a tight slap without mentioning the names of Pakistan, a centre of anti-India terrorism and China who is supporting Pakistan.

At that time, Prime Minister Modi announced that an international conference against terrorism will be organised. Prime Minister Modi appealed that all the countries should support these efforts. He also underlined the threat of Global Climate Change. The BRICS meeting also was held along with RIC, in Osaka and Prime Minister Modi participated in the conference. Along with this, the meeting of G-4 countries keen on a permanent seat in the UN Security Council also was held.

India, Japan, Germany and Brazil are the members of G-4. These countries, in a joint statement issued, have criticised that the policy accepted by the United Nations regarding the expansion of the UN Security Council is disheartening.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi also held discussions with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and South Korean President.

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