Indian Air Force gets ‘Tejas’


Bengaluru, Dated July 1 (News Agency)India first indigenous multi-role fighter jet ‘Tejas’ was inducted into the Indian Air Force on Friday. The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi expressed his happiness by stating that he is feeling extremely proud with this induction. He added that it was also a proof of India’s skills and capacities in the manufacturing of defence materials.


Two ‘Tejas’ aircrafts were inducted into the Indian Air Force on Wednesday. The official induction ceremony for ‘Tejas’ was held at the ’Aircraft System Testing Establishment’, Bengaluru. Several top level air force officials were present on this occasion.

The approval for developing the Indian origin LCA (Light Combat Aircraft) was given in year 1983, as there was heavy expenditure being made for the import of fighter planes and defence related materials. Essentially there has been a long delay in the progress due to various reasons; but our scientists have taken a lot of effort over the years to develop this technology.

This project was initiated during the administration of former Prime Minister Mr.Atal Bhiari Vajpayee, and the fighter planes to be developed under this project were named ‘Tejas’ by him. ‘Tejas’ took the first flight during Mr. Vajpayee’s regime in the year 2001.This fighter plane then underwent several tests; some errors were observed during these tests. Efforts were then made to rectify the defects, as well as incorporate the modifications suggested by the Air Force.

Nonetheless it was for the last two years that rigorous efforts have been made to induct these aircraft into the Air Force. Finally these efforts have been fruitful and after a long waiting period of 33 years, ‘Tejas’ was finally inducted into the Indian Air Force.

‘Tejas’-the fighter plane weighs 12 tonnes, its length is 13.5 meters and its flying speed is of 1350km/hours. 

The missile ‘Beyond Visual Range ‘could be installed on this aircraft. Till now the Indian Air Force had Russia, British and the French making planes for its fleet. It is for the first time that an Indian manufactured fighter plane is being included in the Indian Air force. The first squadron of the ‘Tejas’ planes has been named as ‘Flying Draggers 45’and it would include six planes in its fleet.

Looking at the security threats from China and Pakistan, the Indian Air force requires 45 squadrons of fighter planes. But owing to the regular accidents faced by the MIG planes, many of them had to be discontinued from the squadron. At present there are only 33 squadrons. Therefore the inclusion of ‘Tejas’ would help to complete the disproportion. Other than that, these planes of Indian origin would reduce the expenditure of importing fighter planes.

Considering its capacities, many countries are wanting to buy the ‘Tejas’. This would increase opportunities, and also strengthen the export claims of India in the defence material sector. This plane could be a challenge for the JF-16 that has been jointly developed by China and Pakistan.

China and Pakistan are seeking opportunities to sell the JF-16 to Asian countries, but now some of these countries have liked and have shown more interest in the  ‘Tejas’, than in the JF-16.


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