53% increase in FDI in last two years in India

New Delhi : India has seen a good 53% increase in  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) over the past two years. It is believed throughout the world that a climate conducive to safe investments in India has been created due to the steps taken to foster the economic growth rate apart from the price stability and economic foresight. It is therefore that foreign investors are  demonstrating  more trust in the Indian economy which in turn has boosted  the FDI in India,  the Central Government asserted.


jaitleyInvestment in India is not done for charity. It is a result of the climate that favours business in the country, said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, affirming also that that was the reason why  the FDI in India had increased; and in the past two years the country had seen a  53% jump in the FDI inflow, said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the Lok Sabha.

He informed further that considering the statistics of the last few years,  the year 2015-16 had seen the highest ever FDI inflow into the country. It was not with the intention of charity but with the intention of earning profits that foreign investors invested in India he explained when asked in the Loksabha about how much money foreign investors would have taken back by way of dividends .

The government has taken many steps over the last two years to attract the foreign investors. Many sectors in the country have been opened up for foreign investment. Measures are being taken at the government level to ease out difficulties faced while doing business in India as also to do away with the red tape in this process. The permissions required to start a business have also been cut down. Also the limit for FDI has been raised in many sectors including  the railway and the defence sector where the FDI limit has been recently raised.

These and such measures  taken to favour the economic growth of the country have boosted the growth rate of the country. Presently, India is  the fastest growing economy in the world. On the background of  the global instability prevailing at the moment, whereas the Chinese economy has slowed down, India records an increase in the FDI which fact only points to the growing trust  of foreign investors in India.  

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