India and Israel develop Game Changer technology for Coronavirus testing, claims Israel Ambassador

New Delhi: India and Israel have jointly developed a ‘Game Changer’ technology, for Coronavirus testing. A super-rapid test can be conducted with this technology. Israeli Ambassador, Ron Malka informed that the Coronavirus infected person could be identified in a minute, by just blowing into a specific tube. He said that the research regarding this is in the final stages.

India and Israel develop Game Changer technology for Coronavirus testing, claims Israel AmbassadorThe number of Coronavirus cases has reached near 7 million. The number of deaths also has crossed 107,000. At the same time, 5.955 million people have recovered fully from Coronavirus. But nearly 70,000 cases are being reported from the country per day. Last month 90,000 cases were being reported, from around the country, every day. Compared to that, the number of cases, per day, has reduced. Although this is comforting information, the rate of new cases continues to remain high, in certain parts of the country. In the last week, the number of cases reported from Kerala and Karnataka have shown an increase.

Frantic work is being carried out on the Coronavirus vaccine. The World Health Organisation had expressed a possibility that at least one vaccine will be ready till December. Whereas, Indian Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said last week that the immunisation against Coronavirus could be started by next June. Against this background, identifying the maximum number of Coronavirus cases is becoming important and stress is on conducting maximum testing. The Israeli Ambassador has made a significant announcement in this regard.

India and Israel jointly reviewed four technologies for Coronavirus testing. Large number of samples were collected from India for this. These include breath analyser and voice testing. Malka said that therefore the results would be available almost immediately. Malka underlined that the person taking the test has to blow into a specific tube and the Coronavirus infection can be detected in a matter of 30 to 50 seconds. Malka also expressed the confidence that it is India who can manufacture the vaccine on a big scale and expeditiously and that all the necessary facilities to make India the manufacturing hub, for Coronavirus vaccine, are already present in India.

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