Indian campaign against terrorism gets aggressive

New Delhi: France has expressed complete support for the Indian demand, for an international conference against terrorism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be raising this issue in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). Before this, Prime Minister Modi appealed to adopt a stern anti-terrorism stance, even during his visits to the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Therefore, India has undertaken a robust political campaign against terrorism, at the international level. Pakistan is feeling a lot of pressure because of this.


India, against terrorism, franceFrench Foreign Minister, Jean Baptiste Lemoyne is currently visiting India. India had made a demand for an international conference against terrorism. The Indian stand is that the terrorist organisations are united, and all the countries will have to unite for an action against them. The French Minister supported the Indian stand. The French Minister presented the position of his country, saying ‘Terrorism is as important a challenge as climate change. Therefore, there is a need for all the countries to unite to fight against it. France will be standing with India in the war against terror.’

A meeting of the SCO is scheduled for the 13th and 14th June at, the Kirgizstan capital of Bishkek. Prime Minister Modi will be taking an aggressive stance against terrorism, in the meeting and will be demanding a concrete program,of counter terrorism actions, to be implemented. Before this, Former Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj had taken an aggressive stance in the SCO meetings, against terrorism. Sushma Swaraj had targeted Pakistan, saying that the wounds of Pulwama were still bleeding.

The Indian Prime Minister underlined the threat of terrorism, even during his visits to the Maldives and Sri Lanka. The terrorists are never short of arms and funds. The Prime Minister pointed out that the reason behind this is that these terrorists are receiving aid from certain countries. Therefore, now it is clear that India has undertaken a massive political campaign against terrorism, and Pakistan will take a major hit in the process.

The need for action against terrorist organisations around the world was once again highlighted, primarily because of the 290 lives lost in terror attacks in Sri Lanka. In this scenario, India is getting support from all the major countries of the world against terrorism. The French Foreign Minister’s announcement only endorses that. The United States, the United Kingdom and France had pressurised China to declare Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. This made it impossible for China to protect Azhar, and China was forced to support the action against Azhar. These efforts to make this campaign even more aggressive have become a cause of panic for Pakistan.

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