India slams UK over new vaccine policy

New Delhi – India has slammed the United Kingdom over its new travel regulations. Those who have received the Covishield vaccine in India will not be accepted as fully vaccinated under the new British travel regulations. This could lead to major problems for passengers travelling from India to the United Kingdom. Strong reactions are being received regarding this for the last two days. The Indian government has also made it clear that the UK’s regulations are discriminatory. India has made it clear that if the United Kingdom does not address the issue, it will initiate a similar action against the British passengers. Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringala gave this information.


India, Britain, Coronavirus, Coronavirus vaccine, Indian Vaccination, Covishield vaccineStudents, entrepreneurs and other travellers from India to the United Kingdom may face significant difficulties due to the non-recognition of Indian vaccination certificates. The United Kingdom recently announced its new travel policy for the arriving passengers because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Those who have taken both doses of the vaccine will not have to be quarantined. But the United Kingdom has refused to recognise the Indian vaccine certificate.

According to the rules, passengers coming to the United Kingdom from India will undergo an RTPCR test before arriving here. The RTPCR test will have to be repeated on the second and eighth day of arrival in the UK and will have to be quarantined for ten days. If these conditions are not accepted, it will not be possible to enter the United Kingdom.

Since then, the United Kingdom has been constantly questioned about the new regulations. In India, the Covishield vaccine is being administered mainly to people travelling to foreign countries. Most vaccinations in the United Kingdom have been with the same vaccine. The vaccine was developed by the British institutions Oxford and AstraZeneca but is being manufactured in India. However, the policy of revoking the Indian Vaccination Certificate seems to be completely discriminatory.

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar met British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss during the UN General Assembly. At that time, he raised the issue and clarified the role of India. Indian Foreign Secretary Shringla said that India has clarified that the British rules are discriminatory. Besides, if the issue is not resolved, India will have to take similar steps.

Earlier, the European Union also had issued similar discriminatory regulations on vaccine passports. India had reacted sharply after that. Since then, several European countries have recognised Indian vaccines at the individual level. Millions of Indians are living in many European countries other than the United Kingdom. They also travel for work. Also, many Indian students are studying in European countries.

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