Coronavirus cases in the country reach 740,000

New Delhi: The number of Coronavirus cases in the country has reached 740,000. On Tuesday, 224 people died in Maharashtra, and 5,134 new Coronavirus cases were reported. Mumbai reported 806 new cases and 67 deaths. This has taken the total number of Coronavirus deaths in Mumbai to 4,999.

Coronavirus cases in the country reach 740,000From Monday, till Tuesday morning, nearly 467 patients died around the country, and 22,252 new cases were reported. Therefore, the number of deaths due to Coronavirus reached 20,160, and the total number of cases reached 719,000. But till Tuesday night, as per the information submitted by the states, 400 more deaths and nearly 20,000 new cases were reported. 224 deaths have been reported from Maharashtra in the last 24 hours.

65 Coronavirus deaths and 3,116 new cases were reported from Tamil Nadu. Delhi reported 2008 new cases. 15 patients died in Karnataka, and there was an addition of 1,498 new cases. Gujarat reported 17 deaths and 778 new cases. The number of cases reported on Tuesday, from the five states with the maximum number of cases, has been less as compared to the last few days.

Meanwhile, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that the ever-increasing graph of the Coronavirus pandemic could be controlled only because of the policies adopted by the government since the very beginning. Currently, India stands at number 3 position in the list of countries with the maximum number of Coronavirus cases. But Harsh Vardhan pointed out that the rate of increase in the number of cases and death rates are lesser in India.

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