India and Russia discuss ‘S-400’ Deal

New Delhi: The discussions for purchase of ‘S-400’ air defence system between India and Russia have entered the final stages. This 39 thousand crore deal will be very important from India’s security point of view. According to the experts, this will enable India to effectively counter the threat from Pakistan and China. India is the second country after China, to purchase ‘S-400’ from Russia.


S-400-DealPakistan has instigated India by intensifying the cross-border firing since strong actions have been taken against the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian army is ably answering the attacks much to the irritation of the Pakistan army chief and the leadership. The Pakistan army officers as well as the leaders are warning that India should not forget that Pakistan is a nuclear power. They have also said that they will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against India. India’s purchase of this system from Russia, can come as a rude shock to Pakistan who have been issuing such warnings.

‘S-400’ anti-missile system is capable of destroying enemy missiles and nuclear weapons in the air. This can neutralise the nuclear attacks by Pakistan. The missiles fired by China also can be neutralised by the ‘S-400’ system. This will result in securing of the airspace in India. India had started movement for purchase of this air defence system in 2016. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has already announced that Russia will be eager to supply the system to India.

Final discussions are on between India and Russia to finalise the draft of the agreement and it is understood that the contract will be finalised very soon.

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