Spike missile tested successfully

New Delhi: The Spike (ATGM) Missile that is capable of destroying enemy tanks was tested successfully. The test was conducted in the presence of Chief of Staff General Bipin Rawat at the Mahu military base in Madhya Pradesh. Senior officials from the Indian Military were also present during this time. Spike, who is capable of precisely hitting the target four kilometres away, has significantly increased the strength of the Indian Military.


Spike missile tested successfullyThe Spike missile has been manufactured by ‘Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ of Israel. An older version of Spike was deployed in the Indian Military since the last three decades. But the one tested on Wednesday is an advanced version of Spike (ATGM). This anti-tank missile can be used even in the hilly areas. India has purchased 240 Spike missiles from Israel.

There is a chance that the Spike Missiles, also known as ‘Tank Killers,’ may have been deployed at the Pakistan border. Spike is capable of destroying enemy bunkers along with tanks. A month ago, the Indian Military had used the Spike missiles to destroy the terrorist bases and launch pad of the Military in Pakistan.

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