India-Pakistan political conflict over ‘harassment’ of diplomats

New Delhi/Islamabad: Pakistan has alleged that the diplomatic staff and the families in their embassy in India are facing harassment. If the situation does not improve the families of the officers will be called back, warned Pakistan while protesting against it. While reacting to this, India accused Pakistan of making false accusations. India has drawn attention to the complaint that India has lodged, about the Indian diplomatic officials being harassed in Pakistan.


The tensions have been rising between Indian and Pakistan since the last few months. Both the armies have resorted to firing at the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu-Kashmir. It is now evident that Pakistan is purposefully intensifying it. Increasing the tension in this region is in Pakistan’s interest for taking up the Kashmir issue at the international level. Pakistan is trying to warn the international community that if a conflict is sparked between India and Pakistan, it could turn into a dreadful nuclear war. These tactics of Pakistan have backfired and now it is trying to defame India on the political front.

India-PakistanPakistan has alleged harassment being meted out to the diplomatic officers in its embassy and their families in India; and has lodged protest against it. Pakistan has warned that if the harassment continues the families of their officials will be called back. India has dismissed these allegations and has made a counter allegation that the Indian officials in Islamabad are being intentionally targeted. India has said that the Indian officials are being harassed in Islamabad, by disconnecting the electric and water supply to their residence.

This issue had been taken up by India with the Pakistan officials. Due to the fear of being exposed, Pakistan has made false allegations that India has been troubling its diplomatic officials. This kind of a political duel has taken place in the past too. Three years ago, India had apprehended a Pakistani diplomat while spying red handed. After that India had expelled seven Pakistani diplomats for spying. In reply, Pakistan had sent four Indian diplomats back to India. Subsequently, the conflict between India and Pakistan at the political level seems to have started again.

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