India to aid Mongolia after China’s trade blockade

New Delhi / Beijing: India has assured to provide complete aid to Mongolia, who is currently facing problems due to the trade blockade imposed by China. The Indian Foreign Ministry has declared that the 1 billion dollar loan promised by India during the Prime Minister’s Mongolia visit last year will be provided to it at the earliest. China has reacted to this and threatened Mongolia who is seeking help from India. Asking India for help is a ‘Politically Harebrained’ move by Mongolia, warned China.


India to aid Mongolia after China's trade blockade

A few days ago, Mongolia had invited the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama for a religious function. The Dalai Lama had paid a visit to Mongolia for this purpose on a staggering 9 occasions in November. China has accused the Dalai Lama of running a worldwide campaign to separate Tibet from China under the pretext of religious functions. China is also taking strict action against the countries that have invited the Dalai Lama. Therefore, China had imposed a trade blockade being upset with Lama’s visit to Mongolia.

Mongolia is located between Russia and China, two extensively huge countries. Therefore, majority of its trade takes place via Russian and Chinese territories. Out of these, the extent of trade taking place via China is relatively more. However, after the Dalai Lama’s Mongolia visit, China has imposed a huge land transit tarrif for the transport of goods that takes place through its territory to Mongolia. This has had an impact on the supply of essential commodities coming to Mongolia.

Against this backdrop, the Mongolian Ambassador Gonchig Ganbold had made an appeal to India, to take action against China’s arrogance. Mongolia had also expressed that it is expecting India’s aid during such challenging times. It is also being said that Ganbold had had a discussion with Pradeep Rawat, the Indian MEA joint secretary for East Asia. Thereafter, India has assured Mongolia of providing assistance.

The Indian Prime Minister had paid a visit to Mongolia last year. This meeting has proved to strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries. Both the nations are culturally connected to each other. During this visit, the Prime Minister had declared to aid Mongolia with a loan of 1 billion dollars. India has made arrangements to make this loan available to Mongolia at the earliest. However, the details of any other form of assistance that India may provide to Mongolia have not been disclosed.

Intense reactions have emerged from China after Mongolia’s appeal to India for assistance. China has warned that Mongolia seeking help from India would prove to be a ‘Politically Harebrained’ move.

Likewise, Mongolia should have respected its bilateral relationship with China, criticised the Chinese government’s mouthpiece, Global Times.

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