India is the gravitational force in Asia: Japanese Deputy Defence Minister Nakayama

New Delhi: – Japanese Deputy Defence Minister Yasuhide Nakayama appealed ‘India is the centre of the gravitational force in Asia. While the Chinese threat is increasing, India should show more commitment to the QUAD cooperation with Japan, the United States and Australia.’ Saying that China, where the Coronavirus originated and the World Health Organisation (WHO), should share more information regarding the virus, Nakayama indicated that the Chinese stand is suspect regarding this.   

Japanese Deputy Defence Minister said ‘We want a mighty India. India is the centre of the gravitational force in Asia and is a vital country. I am aware of the Indian stand on QUAD. Therefore, I am requesting India to show more commitment towards QUAD, to ensure free and open Indo-Pacific sector.’ While making this appeal to India during an interview with an Indian news channel, he mentioned the Chinese threat. while speaking about the increased tension on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, between India and China, Nakayama clarified that he was fully aware of the Chinese expansionist and aggressive policies.   

Japanese Deputy Defence Minister added further ‘Japan is now experiencing that the Chinese aggressive military activities cannot be tolerated. Therefore, Japan can understand the Indian concerns regarding the LAC in Ladakh. but Japan believes that both the countries should amicably resolve the issue without allowing the tension to fester further.’ Japanese Deputy Defence Minister expressed doubts over the Chinese stand regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. The Japanese Deputy Defence Minister retorted that China, the place of origin of the pandemic, and the WHO, should provide more details to the international community. The Statement made by Nakayama goes to show that China and the WHO are not fulfilling these expectations.   

Meanwhile, Japan has initiated steps to strengthen its ties with India on all levels. Recently an important agreement regarding the Steel Industry was signed between the two countries. Moreover, people are confident that this will develop the Indian manufacturing sector. Japan has also agreed to provide an impetus to the Indian manufacturing sector and ensure an important place in the global supply chain. Japan is keen on ending the Chinese monopoly on this front. Furthermore, the cooperation between India and Japan is proving valuable in that respect.   

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