Sensation in Pakistan over India’s arms purchase

New Delhi/Islamabad: – India has completed preparations for purchasing SPICE 2000 guided bombs and Spike anti-tank missiles from Israel. India had used the SPICE 2000 guided bomb during the attack on the terrorist base in Balakot. The repercussion of this India’s arms purchase is being felt in Pakistan. The Pakistan government has already committed the blunder of not accepting that 300 people were killed in the Indian attack at Balakot. A former diplomatic official from Pakistan expressed a concern that India is preparing for fresh attacks on Pakistan due to this Pakistani admission.   

india-pak-26-decOn 23rd December, Royal Advanced Defence Systems, the weapons manufacturing company from Israel, announced that they signed an agreement with an Asian country to sell SPICE 2000 guided bombs and Spike missiles. The Israeli company did not reveal the name of the country. Jens Defence Weekly from the United Kingdom said that the Israeli company had signed this agreement with India. While these reports are being received, Pakistan, claiming that India is preparing to attack the country, is terrified. Since the last few months, the Pakistan government is making a fuss that India is preparing to attack Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister and other ministers are expressing fears that India will forward a reason for a terror attack for the attack. A few days ago, the Indian military Chief visited Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Indian Foreign Minister and Deputy Foreign Minister also are visiting the Gulf countries. Citing this, Pakistan Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, has started shouting that India is trying to garner support for its attack on Pakistan. The foreign ministry has dismissed this allegation as a laughable claim. But Pakistan media, journalists and the analysts from the hate India brigade are asserting that India will indeed attack Pakistan.   

While speaking about this, Pakistani diplomatic official Zafar Hilaly made some striking statements. India carried out an airstrike at Balakot on 26th February 2019, after the Pulwama terrorist attack. A base of Jaish-e-Mohammed had been devastated in the airstrike. Claims were being made that 300 terrorists were killed in this attack, carried out with a SPICE bomb. Whereas, Pakistan refuted the claim and said that only some trees and one crow had been killed in the attack. But Zafar Hilaly criticised that this denial is going against the country. Stating that 300 terrorists had indeed been killed in the attack, Hilaly blamed that Pakistan has invited fresh Indian attacks by denying this fact.   

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