India closely watching Chinese military movements near Ladakh

Ladakh: The Chinese military is constructing a road near the Line of Actual Control (LAC), at Demchok in Ladakh. The Indian army has said that it was watching the activity very closely. At the same time, the Indian military also has started road construction near the Line of Control. At the same time, the Indian army is also said to have undertaken the development of a road close to the LAC. After the Doklam standoff, the borders shared with China have become increasingly sensitive, and India is not willing to take any chances regarding it. The update thus received from Ladakh assumes much significances.


chinese military, india, ladakhThe Chinese military has made multiple attempts to infiltrate into Ladakh in the past. However, the Indian soldiers have successfully repelled the intrusion attempts from time to time. Also, the Chinese intrusion had become a cause of concern for India. China has undertaken development projects for infrastructural facilities close to the India-China border, which is believed to be military preparation against India. Taking serious cognisance of the activities, India in response also undertook the development of infrastructural facilities near the Chinese border, which includes building roads and airstrips.

Currently, the Chinese road construction is ongoing near the Ladakh border in Jammu-Kashmir. The Indian military is keeping a close watch on these activities of the Chinese army. Furthermore, the Indian military officials revealed information in this regard, although they refused to give any further details. They stated that even though China had undertaken construction work at the Demchok region in Ladakh, so has India and that it was a routine affair. Nevertheless, it showed that the Indian military was closely watching the Chinese military activities near the Line of Actual Control.

In 2017, the Indian and Chinese military was engaged in a standoff at Doklam. The borders of India, Bhutan and China converge at Doklam. The Chinese soldiers have started constructing a road in the region. But the Indian military objected to it and stopped the work which could most probably spark a conflict.

China had threatened India, saying that if a war were triggered, India would suffer a more humiliating defeat than the 1962 war. However, India paid no heed to the Chinese threats and increased military deployment in the Doklam region. Finally, China had to back out in the dispute.

The western analysts had warned that China would try to avenge the insult meted out at Doklam. It is therefore that the Indian military is keeping a close watch on the Chinese activities near the borders.

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