Indo-China tension on the rise at the Ladakh border

New Delhi: The tension between India and China has increased near the Galwan River Valley in Ladakh. The Chinese soldiers have erected tents in this region and increased their deployment there. Moreover, both the nations have shown their banners off and advised one another to back off. Besides, news has emerged that China has deployed its patrol ships in the Pangong Lake. India too has prepared its ships to the west of this lake.


On 5 May, India had toppled China’s attempt of invading Ladakh with helicopters by patrolling with Indian fighter jets. Moreover, there had also been a conflict between the soldiers of both countries near Pangong Lake. The Indian soldiers forced the Chinese intruders out of the region. At the time, soldiers of both nations had to face conflict. Thus, the tension in Ladakh is rising ever since.

China has taken an objection to India’s decision to build a road in the region. Furthermore, China accused India of intruding in the region. However, China has not mentioned the tents set up by its Army and also the construction they have undertaken in Demchok. China hurled these accusations through its mouthpiece, Global Times. Moreover, in 2017, the Global Times also expressed that the situation in Demchok must not repeat in Ladakh.

However, it is China who has raised its military deployment in Ladakh. The Chinese Army has once again set up its tent in the same place, wherein its Army had erected them earlier, during the Indo-China War in 1962. The deployment of Chinese Army has been increased by multifold in the region. Following this, the Indian Army increased the amount of deployment. As of now, soldiers from both countries have set up tents in the Galwan River Valley. Both the nations here, have put up banner appealing them to return to their land.

Apart from Galwan River Valley, the army deployment has increased in Pangong Lake and Demchok. The amount of Chinese Patrol Ships has increased in Pangong Lake. On 5 May, there had been a skirmish between both armies in this region. As per the news, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is keeping an eye on such movements.

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