Following Ladakh and Sikkim, Chinese intrusion attempt in Lahaul-Spiti in Himachal

New Delhi: Following the Ladakh and Sikkim incidents, there was one more Chinese aggressive action at Lahaul-Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. Chinese helicopters hovered about 16 to 17 kilometres inside the Indian border and returned. It has been reported that this is the second incident in the region in the last 20 days.


On the 5th of May, Chinese helicopters had attempted intrusion into the Indian border. But the timely action taken by the Indian fighter jets forced them to retreat. In the evening on the same day, Indian soldiers foiled an intrusion attempt of Chinese soldiers in Ladakh. A strong fight between the soldiers from both the sides also was reported at this time. Some soldiers had even been injured in the fight. On the 10th of May, Indian soldiers had stopped Chinese soldiers even in the Naku La pass region. Reports of increased Chinese activities in Demchok and areas near the Galwan river were also reported. Now this report of intrusion by the Chinese helicopters has surfaced.

China claims its right over the Kaurik and Kinnaur regions of Lahaul Spiti. In 2017, the Indian soldiers had foiled a Chinese attempt to build roads in the disputed region of Doklam, resulting in a standoff between the Indian and Chinese militaries for 73 days. Chinese helicopters had intruded even at that time. China, disturbed by the aggressive Indian policy, carried out the acts of aggression in Himachal Pradesh. Even today, similar actions are being carried out by China.

As per Indian analysts, although, China is trying to exert military pressure on India, with these intrusion attempts on the border, there is no possibility of China succeeding in the effort. India had adopted an aggressive stance in the Kashmir issue and had advised Pakistan to vacate the region. The Indian military leadership was well aware that China along with Pakistan, will initiate aggressive military activities on the Indian border, to pressurise India. Therefore, India was prepared for these Chinese activities. Therefore, analysts are claiming that the Chinese tactics to pressurise India, with aggression on the border, seem to have backfired on China.

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