If Hezbollah launches rocket attacks on Israel, then Israel has to retaliate by carrying out airstrikes on Iran.

The ex-Deputy Defence Minister Mr. Efraim Sneh advised that if the Lebanon-based Hezbollah launches rocket attacks on Israel, then Israel too should retaliate by conducting airstrikes on Iran instead of targeting Lebanon. Within a few hours of this statement given by Mr. Sneh, Israel’s Airforce Chief declared their preparedness for an imperative war. He further stated that in this war the Israeli fighter planes would attack Hezbollah in such a manner which would be beyond imagination. 

This would also conclude almost all the conflicts in Syria which is going on for past six years. As the US is targeting Iranian drone planes in the city of Deir-ez-Zor of Syria, a concern is being expressed that this would open a front of the US against Iran in Syria. If so happens then the impact of the Syrian conflicts would get reflected on the Israel-Lebanon border too, claimed Mr Efraim Sneh, Ex Deputy Defence Minister in a meeting regarding security held at Jerusalem.

Due to the deteriorating situation in the Gulf, Israel has to gear itself for a sudden war, warned Mr. Efraim Sneh. He further added, ‘The terrorists of Hezbollah in Lebanon can launch attacks on the border front parts of Israel. If so happens then Israeli fighter planes should not strike back on the Hezbollah territories in Lebanon as Iran won’t get affected by attacks on Lebanon. Hence, Israel should instead target Iran which is the support and backing of Hezbollah’.

Upon this the Air Force Chief Major General of Israel ‘Amir Eshel’ clarified the preparedness of Israel. The conflict fought by the Israeli army in 2006 lasted for 34 days. But, the capacity of the latest fighter planes of Israel has increased by 4-5 times and hence if such a war is fought again then it will end within just two to two and a half days, claimed the Air Force Chief Major General of Israel ‘Amir Eshel’. Hezbollah would not have ever imagined in the wildest of dreams of such air strikes by Israel, claimed Eshel.

Meanwhile, a conflict between Israel and Hezbollah may ignite again, thus was claimed earlier by the Israeli officers. Hezbollah has gathered arms and ammunitions on a large scale under the pretext of Syrian conflicts, accuses Israel. The Israel’s mechanism also claimed that  Hezbollah has gathered more than one lakhs rockets in a warehouse in Lebanon. Identifying such a risk from Hezbollah Israel has deployed ‘Iron Dome’, an advanced rocket-intercepting mechanism in the border areas.        

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