Missile attack on Israeli freight ship near UAE coast, claims Gulf media

Dubai/Jerusalem: The intensity of the undeclared war between Israel and Iran between the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea sectors is increasing by the day. On Tuesday, a missile attack was carried out on the Israeli freight ship HYPERION RAY. There is a strong suspicion that Iran carried out the attack. This is the third attack on an Israeli freight ship in the last one and a half months. Talks have started that this attack was launched in retaliation for the attack on the Iranian nuclear project at Natanz.

Missile attack on Israeli freight ship near UAE coast, claims Gulf mediaAs per the information given by the Al Mayadeen news channel from Lebanon, the attack was carried out on freight ship HYPERION RAY during its voyage from Kuwait to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Hezbollah affiliated news channel, Al Mayadeen, informed that the attack was carried out when the ship was sailing near the Fujairah city’s coast. Whereas the Iranian Al-Alam news channel also carried the report of the attack on the Israeli freight ship. After that, the Israeli media upheld the news.

The Israeli news channel said that the ship did not suffer damages in the attack. Reports of HYPERION RAY reaching the UAE also have been received. The Israeli media claimed that Iran launched a missile attack on the freight liner. This becomes the third attack on an Israeli ship from the Gulf of Oman to the Indian Ocean.

Before this, on the 26th of February, an explosion had occurred on freight ship HELIOS RAY in the Gulf of Oman. It had been accused at the time that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards carried out this attack using a limpet mine. On the 25th of March, Lori, an Israeli container liner, was attacked with a rocket. The Israeli ship had suffered damages in the attack. The Israeli media had claimed that the Iranian vessels patrolling the Strait of Hormuz had carried out this attack.

A week ago, Saviz, a ship of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, was attacked in the Red Sea. A US newspaper alleged that Israel was responsible for the attack. The US newspaper had claimed that a reaction might be received from Iran regarding the attack. However, the same newspaper has claimed that Israel will not retaliate against the attack on HYPERION RAY, quoting US officials.

Meanwhile, an undeclared war is being fought between Israel and Iran in the marine sector for the last few years. But the international analysts have warned that based on the developments in the previous two months, the intensity of this war has increased. One more example has come forward with the Tuesday attack.

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