Foundation laid for new India-UK cooperation: Indian MEA S. Jaishankar

London: Indian MEA S Jaishankar has completed hit UK visit. He said that a new era of coordination and cooperation has started in India-UK relations. The discussions between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had laid the foundation for this. India has been invited to the G7 summit, to be held in the United Kingdom, in June 2021. Moreover, the United Kingdom has delivered a message that henceforth, India will have prime importance in its foreign policy. The United Kingdom is keen on cooperating with India on multiple fronts. Also, a plan is being prepared for this cooperation till 2030. This once again underlines the Indian importance.


Foundation laid for new India-UK cooperation: Indian MEA S. JaishankarChinese media claim that the Coronavirus pandemic has posed serious challenges in front of the Indian economy. One of the media groups, active in the western countries, also has started putting a question mark on the Indian future. These media have started making a noise that the Indian international ambitions are over and have started a massive false propaganda campaign against India. Against this background, MEA S. Jaishankar had instructed the Indian Ambassadors worldwide to reply to this campaign. But the visit of the Indian Foreign Minister to the United Kingdom is the most effective reply to the campaign.

The Indian MEA held bilateral and tripartite talks with Foreign Ministers of the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Australia, during the G7 conference. Corona issue held the forefront during these discussions. At the time, every country expressed keenness in increasing trade and investment in India. The United Kingdom has gone to the extent of preparing a plan up to 2030 to strengthen cooperation with India. This includes many sectors like investment, trade, education, science and technology. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a virtual conference. The decision to provide impetus to the cooperation between the two countries was concurred upon. Moreover, confidence was expressed that the results will be visible soon.

Meanwhile, when the Indian MEA was on his UK visit, the European Union indicated starting fresh talks regarding free trade agreement with India. These indications coming within hours of the European Union suspending the investment agreement with China are very suggestive. The European Union has delivered a huge jolt to the Chinese ambition of ruling the entire world, including the European countries, based on its economic strength and market.

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