The forms of war are changing due to AI, Big Data and Blockchain Technology, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh warned ‘The forms of war are changing in the current times. With the lightning progress in information technology, it is not advisable to be prepared only for an accidental crisis. It has become mandatory to be prepared for threats arising from various quarters. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Blockchain Technology are bringing a sea change in the war techniques. Taking this into account, India will have to take rapid steps in that direction.’  

The Defence Minister was speaking at the ‘Defence Expo 2020’ organised in New Delhi. The Defence Minister pointed to the challenges saying that in the current scenario, the defence sector is facing the challenge of being prepared to face the new crises. Along with the conventional battlefields, land, air and sea, the cyberspace and space also have become the new battlefields. At the same time, saying that the preparedness on this front to safeguard the country’s interest, following the technology advancement, has become necessary, Rajnath Singh clarified that India has become fully aware of these challenges.  

India is developing a Defence Corridor in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. An investment of $1 billion is envisaged in both these corridors. At the same time, appeals are being made to other countries to invest in these defence corridors. A few days ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to Chancellor Merkel, for German investment in the defence corridors. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is leaving for a visit to Russia on Tuesday. Hopes are being expressed that the military cooperation between the two countries will become more comprehensive after this visit.  

India expects defence-related technology and joint defence projects from Russia. A delegation of nearly 50 experts from the defence sector, is accompanying Rajnath Singh during the Russia visit. Therefore, indications are that a significant defence agreement will be signed between the two countries during the visit. 

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