US initiates moves to target China over the human rights issue

Washington/Beijing: – The US Department of State has started targeting China over human rights issues. The US state department, on Thursday, announced the imposition of sanctions against a senior Chinese official along with his wife, for human rights violation. This is the second instance of the United States imposing sanctions on Chinese officials this week. While taking this action on the International Human Rights Day, a separate report regarding the human rights violation by the Chinese government also has been published.   

On Thursday, the US state department announced the list of sanctions that will be imposed for human rights violation. The list includes Chief Huang Yuanxiong of the Xiamen Public Security Bureau. He has been blamed that the members of religious movement Falun Gong were inordinately tortured under his leadership. The state department informed that sanctions have been imposed even against Yuanxiong’s wife.   

On Thursday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed China on the occasion of International Human Rights Day. Pompeo said ‘The developments in the Xinjiang province, in western China is the biggest blemish on human rights of this century. Human rights have been crushed in this province. This will never be acceptable and the United States has taken a clear stand regarding this.’ At this time, the state department published certain information regarding the incidents of atrocities against the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang province.   

Following this, the United States also published a separate report regarding the human rights issues in China. The report is titled ‘Chinese Disregard for Human Rights’. The report describes in detail; the atrocities meted out to the people in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hongkong. At the same time, the report points to the oppression of religious freedom in China as well as ‘Forced Labour’. The report accuses that China is implementing monopolistic ideology and the freedom and rights of the population are being trampled by the communist party for unhindered power.   

The US embassy in China also has released the statement issued by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and appealed to the Chinese people, through social media posts, to stand up with courage for their rights. A strong reaction has been received from China over this act of the US embassy. Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that the US Stand on human rights is hypocritical and the United States uses it only to interfere in the internal matters of other countries. At this time, Chunying also targeted the United States over Coronavirus deaths in the United States, rights of the black people and even the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.   

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