North Korean missiles capable of attacking US’s Guam naval base

Seoul, Dated 23rd June (News agency) – The North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has threatened US by claiming that it can target the US assets in the Pacific Ocean, as they have now successfully tested their intermediate range ballistic missile ‘’Musudan’’. He further said that in any given situation North Korea will not stop nuclear production.

The North Korean supremeThe North Korean military has declared the testing of two intermediate-range ballistic missiles on Wednesday morning. Missiles ’Musudan’ were targeted towards Japan, and have the capacity to hit a target up to a distance of 3500 kms. Japan had indicted North Korea after the testing of these missiles. Japan has also urged the international community to ask for clarification from North Korea. Thus owing to Japan’s allegations North Korea did not officially declare the launch.

Nonetheless, Mr. Kim Jong-un declared the success of the Musudan missile launch on Thursday itself. He added that it was not just the testing of the missile, but it was to demonstrate to the US that its assets were well within the North Koreas limits. He further claimed that with testing of the ‘Musudan ‘, North Korea has now added to its nuclear strength.

Japan, South Korea, US and France along with China have made strong hostile comments about North Korea. Likewise the US defence Minister Mr. Ashton Carter has alleged to take strong steps towards safeguarding its allies, as well as its assets in the Pacific Ocean. He further added that because of the threat from North Korea, the US has already installed the missile defence technology ‘Thaad’ in South Korea. But China and Russia are strongly opposing this decision made by America. China has accused US stating that the installation of the missile defence technology was not against North Korea, but instead was against China.

In the meanwhile, a North Korean delegation is visiting China to have a discussion on the nuclear programme. China proposed another round of bilateral talks to lay restrictions on the nuclear programme of North Korea. However the North Korean delegation retaliated by announcing that North Korea would restrict its nuclear programme, only if all the other countries with nuclear power, also destroyed their nuclear missiles.

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