Proposal to start ‘Hyperloop’ between Mumbai-Pune

Mumbai : Efforts are being made to start the first bullet train in the Country. There are indications that ‘Hyperloop’ service a service for speedy transportation which is a new alternative in developed countries will be started in India. Like the bullet train, the first Indian hyperloop service will be started from Mumbai. Efforts are on to introduce the hyperloop service, considered as the only option for speedy and sophisticated transportation, for the first time in India between Mumbai and Pune.


Proposal to start ‘Hyperloop’ between Mumbai-Pune

A proposal to start an Indian’ hyperloop’ service between Mumbai and Pune has already been received by the Government. In case the ‘Hyperloop’ service  system is launched, it will be possible to cover the Mumbai – Pune distance at a speed of 1,100 kilometers per hour.

The Country’s first bullet train to run between Mumbai – Ahmedabad has been finalized. Likewise, proposals to start bullet trains on other commercial routes in the Country are under consideration. Although, India is included amongst those countries with a large railway network, the bullet train has yet to be introduced in India. A quick, speedy railway journey as a factor needs to be considered when an  overall development of the country’s railway service is being reviewed. On account of these efforts steps are being taken to start the first bullet train in India.

However, moving further, efforts are being made to introduce ‘hyperloop’ service in the Country. The ‘Tesla’ company has been making efforts to provide new , sophisticated and advanced transportation systems worldwide. A US based ‘Hyperloop Transportation Technologies’ has submitted a proposal to start ‘hyperloop’ service between Mumbai – Pune.

Bipop Gresta, the Company’s President just met the Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari. In this meeting, he expressed his intent to start the ‘hyperloop’ service and requested the Union Minister to allote land for the project.Based on the established Indian tests, Bipop Gresta thinks that a journey with a speed of 1200 kilometers per hour for ‘hyperloop’ is a possibility.

This American Company has intentions to start hyperloop  railway service between Mumbai – Pune. If this service is started, it will be possible to cover the distance between Mumbai – Pune in a matter of 25 minutes. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Company has already undertaken the preliminary testing for its hyperloop services in May 2016. The Company informs that the entire system will be tested by 2017. Right now, hyperloop service is being developed in five countries. The Company President Bipop Gresta informs that by 2020 the service aims to facilitate cargo transportation, after which by 2021 the technical know-how will aim to facilitate passenger transportation.

He said that a proposal has been put forward to develop the project on experimental basis. After receiving the approval from the Government, a feasibility of eight months duration will be done. After receiving all the approvals, additional 28 months duration will be required to start this service, says Gresta.

Today, the efforts to start the bullet train are on in the Country; the project between Mumbai – Ahmedabad is expected to cost about $ 15 billion. However, it is claimed that the cost of hyperloop will be much less as compared to bullet train.

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