Donald Trump will have to step down from office in a year, claims former US Secretary of State

Tel Aviv: ‘The Palestine president need not bow to the pressures of US President Donald Trump as Trump will not remain the president in a year.’ This is the message sent by former US Secretary of State John Kerry to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas according to reports. An Israeli newspaper has exposed this information. John Kerry while speaking at the last year’s ‘World Economic Forum’, had predicted that the Trump administration will collapse in a year or two. George Soros, in this year’s ‘World Economic Forum’, said that the Trump administration will vanish in 2020.

donald trump, john kerry, palestine, nuclear warHussein Agha, a close associate of Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas, met John Kerry in London, recently. John Kerry had sent this special message to Palestine President Abbas in this meeting. President Trump had demanded that President Abbas should start peaceful talks with Israel. President Trump had threatened to stop the financial aid to Palestine if the proposal was not accepted. But, Kerry told Agha that President Abbas should not accept this proposal by giving in to the pressure and the threat.

An Israeli newspaper reported that Kerry stated, ‘The Palestinian president should remain firm on his stand because President Trump will not remain in power for long. He will step out of the president’s office in a year’. The newspaper has claimed that Kerry also said ‘The opposition Democratic party as well as Trump’s own Republican Party leaders are tired of the Trump administration. Therefore, Trump will not be able to continue as the US president for long’.

Speaking at this time, John Kerry said that he will take part in the race for the US presidency once again. He ran for the US presidency in 2004 but, was defeated by George Bush. John Kerry, in his speech at the ‘World Economic Forum’ last year, had claimed that the Trump administration will collapse in one or two years. Kerry had said that this will happen if Trumps backs out from the nuclear treaty with Iran.

There are angry reactions emanating from the US about Kerry’s statements. Interfering with the American foreign policy without any authority is a punishable offence. The question being raised in the US is this, ‘Since, the US foreign policy can be decided only by the elected Trump administration, who gave Kerry, someone who was rejected by the American people, this right?’ Some leaders are doubting whether the statements have really been made by Kerry who has been a former Secretary of State. A former speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich has said that if Kerry has made those statements it will amount to treason.

George Soros, a billionaire investor had claimed that the Trump administration will cease to exist in 2020 or sooner, at the ‘World Economic Forum’ a few days ago. Soros had said that leaders like Trump and the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un, are capable of thrusting a nuclear war upon the world. I am using my wealth to stop Trump.

There is severe opposition to Trump’s policies in the US. From political leaders to human rights activists, all are expressing extreme views about Trump. Media is not wasting a single opportunity to target Trump. In spite of this, it is seen that the common American citizen is firmly standing behind Trump.

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