Increased Iranian influence over Lebanon will result in war against Israel, worries Israel military spokesperson

Jerusalem : ‘The future of the Lebanese population rests in the hands of the dictators sitting in Iran. If the Iranian influence in Lebanon increased further and Iran starts the missile manufacturing factory in Lebanon, there is a danger of a flareup of a war between Israel and Lebanon.’ is the indication given by the Israel military spokesman Ronen Manelis. Manelis also alleged that Iran is trying to gain control in Lebanon, through Hezbollah, and trying to threaten Israel.

israel, iran, lebanon, warThe Israel military spokesman blamed that the Lebanon government itself is responsible for the increasing clout of the Hezbollah and Iran in Lebanon. ‘Iran has made Lebanon its missile factory and this has happened in connivance with Lebanon and the international community. Iran need not smuggle arms in Lebanon. Iran has made Lebanon its own branch and has established a missile manufacturing factory here.’ warned the Israel military spokesman Manelis.

Israel is warning Lebanon about Hezbollah and Iran since the last few years. Israeli agencies had claimed that the Hezbollah has assembled a missile arsenal near the Israel border directed towards Israel. The Israel defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman, had also alleged that in view of the backing from Iran, Hezbollah is arming its cadres.’ But the western countries dismissed this claim from Israel and removed Hezbollah from the terrorist countries list.

Meanwhile, an ex-naval officer from Israel had expressed fear that the Hezbollah may use destroyers to attack Israel. Hezbollah will load the explosives in the destroyer and target an Israeli port in the Mediterranean sea, had said the retired naval officer.

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