Coronavirus deaths in India over 9,500

New Delhi: – The 325 deaths reported till Monday morning, took the number of Coronavirus deaths in the country, to 9,500. With addition of more than 11,500 new cases, the total number of cases rose to 3,32,424. The total number of Coronavirus cases in the country reached beyond 340,000 by Monday night. Maharashtra reported a whopping 178 Coronavirus deaths and 2,786 new cases were added. The total number of deaths in the state has crossed 4,000.


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While the number of Coronavirus cases in the country are rising, the rate of complete recovery has crossed 50%. Maharashtra reported 5,000 patients, who have recovered fully, in one day and the rate of recovery has reached 48%. Nearly 170,000 patients have recovered fully, in the country, so far. As informed by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the number of Coronavirus tests are being increased in the country. 901 laboratories are operational for Coronavirus testing in the country. Out of these 653 are government laboratories.

Although India stands on the fourth spot after the United States, Brazil and Russia, in the total number of Coronavirus cases, it is ranked 143rd in the list of percent incidence per population. But a large number of cases are being reported from cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad. 5,600 deaths have been reported only from these four cities and more than 150,000 cases have been reported from these cities. The time for doubling the number of Coronavirus cases has increased. But a report claims that the increased transmission in the cities has become a cause for concern.

Meanwhile, lockdown regulations have, once again, been made strict in Chennai and four adjoining areas, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The lockdown has also been made stringent in Malad Malwani area, in Mumbai and the shops in the area will remain closed till 20th June. 58 deaths and on Monday, 1,066 new cases of Coronavirus were reported from Mumbai.

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