‘Artificial’ expansion of Nepal not factual, India retorts on approval of the controversial plan

New Delhi: – The plan approved by the Nepal parliament, is not based on historical proofs and facts. India has retorted that Nepalese claim on India territory, is nothing but ‘Artificial’ expansion of Nepal. India also pointed out the blunder committed by Nepal, saying that Nepal hurried up to get the plan passed in the parliament. India said that Nepal has transformed the issue into a political dispute, with the approval of the plan in the Nepalese parliament.

‘Artificial’ expansion of Nepal, India

The lower house of the Nepal parliament cleared the bill, granting an official approval for the plan showing Indian territories of Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura, as a part of Nepal. India has reacted strongly after this. The Indian foreign ministry said ‘Indian government has taken cognisance of the passage of the bill regarding the controversial map. This a violation of the agreement between the two countries, to resolve the border dispute through negotiations.’ The foreign ministry added ‘The Indian position on the issue was already conveyed to Nepal. This artificial expansion of Nepal is not based on historical evidence. Therefore, it is not acceptable to India in any form.’

The Indian government said “Nepal has lacked seriousness and far-sight, in the resolution of the border issue. Nepal had replied in the affirmative to India. India had said that Nepal should prepare a conducive atmosphere and then approach India. India has always believed in resolving the border dispute through political routes. But Nepal has politicised the issue, by approving the constitutional amendment in a hurry.’

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