First lot of 10,000 SiG 716 assault rifles delivered to India

New Delhi: The process to equip the Indian soldiers with advanced SiG 716 assault rifles, from the United States has begun. As per a report the first lot of 10,000, SiG 716 rifles, was received from the United States and the rifles have been handed over to the Northern Command. India had signed an agreement for the supply of 72,400 SiG 716 rifles, with the United States. The strength of the Indian soldiers involved in the counter-terror campaign will increase with these rifles.


First lot of 10,000 SiG 716 assault rifles delivered to IndiaIt was a long pending demand that the Indian soldiers should have advanced assault rifles in their hands when the terrorists use modern advanced rifles. Following the demand, the government decided to purchase advanced assault rifles. An agreement worth ₹ 7 billion to supply 72,400 SiG 716 assault rifles was signed between India and the United States. Of these 66,000 rifles will be given to the military soldiers, whereas 2,000 guns will go to the navy and 4,000 to the air force.

Out of these, 10,000 rifles have reportedly been handed over by the United States to India. These 10,000 rifles will be given to the Indian soldiers, participating in the counter-terrorism campaign in Jammu-Kashmir.

India has been purchasing additional 700,000 AK-203 rifles for the Indian military. An agreement to this effect has been signed with Russia. These AK-203 rifles will be manufactured in the weapons factory at Amethi.

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