Haqqani group from Taliban preparing for another 9/11, warns former chief of Afghan intelligence

Kabul: Former Chief of Afghanistan intelligence has warned that one more 9/11 style of attack may be launched by the Haqqani group from the Taliban, operating from its bases near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The former chief of intelligence said that the terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda is assisting the Haqqani group for such an attack. This official also warned that if such attacks are to be averted, the bases of the Haqqani group in Pakistan will have to be destroyed.


Rahmatullah Nabil, former Head of the National Directorate of Security of Afghanistan, exposed the dreadful plan of the Haqqani network through social media. Al-Qaeda is receiving help from the Haqqani network based out of the Waziristan region in Pakistan, even today. If Haqqani network, the most powerful terrorist group in the Taliban, is not stopped in time, another attack similar to 9/11 may be carried out. Nabil warned that Al-Qaeda chief Ayman Al Zawahiri, along with high-ranking commanders Abu Mohammed Al-Masri and Saif al Adel, is hatching a plot for such an attack with help from the Haqqani network.

Haqqani network chief Sirajuddin Haqqani and his associates are trying to recruit, not Pakistani, but foreign terrorists for this attack. Yahya Haqqani is in-charge of this terror attack. Nabil said that the foreign terrorists are being recruited so that the links of the attack cannot be traced back to Pakistan. Therefore, terrorists from ‘East Turkistan Islamic Movement’, ‘Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent’ and ‘Al Qaeda Central’ are being recruited for this attack. The Haqqani network has a strong influence not only with the Taliban but also with the Al-Qaeda.

Nabil revealed information regarding the action taken against the son of former Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Osama’s son Hamza Bin Laden and Kari Zakir, the highest commander of the Haqqani network, were killed in a drone attack carried out by the United States, in the Kurram district of Afghanistan. Kari Zakir was the chief of the suicide squad in the Haqqani network. His killing in the US drone attack delivered a major jolt to the Haqqani network. Nabil said that therefore, to avenge the killing of Hamza Bin Laden and Kari Zakir, the Haqqani network is plotting an attack similar to the 9/11 attack.

The Haqqani network is responsible for the equipment seized from Abbottabad, in Pakistan and the cover provided to terrorist Farouq Ali Qahtani in Afghanistan. The security agencies have all the proof regarding this. Therefore, if another 9/11 style attack is to be averted, it is mandatory to take action against the Haqqani network.

The dreadful information revealed by Nabil regarding the Haqqani network only proves that Pakistan is still involved in terrorist activities. Only a few days ago, the Afghanistan security agencies had claimed that Taliban terrorists are training terrorists from Jaish-e-Mohammed, the Pakistan sponsored terrorist outfit. A few of these terrorists had even been arrested. The claim made by the former Chief of Afghan intelligence is sure to give sleepless nights to the intelligence agencies, from the United States to the other western countries. Therefore, the United States and the western countries may aggressively demand a harsh action from Pakistan against terrorists, including its favourite Haqqani network.

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