Only Pakistan responsible for India-Pak tensions, accuses a senior leader of Trump administration

Washington: The Trump Administration has expressed its concerns by stating that only Pakistan was responsible for the deteriorating situation between India and Pakistan. It said that unless Pakistan gives up its terror policy and  makes progress in investigations on incidents like those of the 2016 Pathankot attack  where the Indian Air Force base was violated, tensions between the two countries would continue to persist. Under such circumstances, if there was another major terrorist attack on India from the Pakistani soil, the tensions between these two countries would reach an extreme. The Trump Administration has also alleged that the Pakistan based terrorists were in preparation of causing destruction in India as well as Afghanistan.

Trump-administrationWhile speaking at a hearing in the US congress, the director of the ‘National Intelligence Agency’, Dan Coats brutally attacked Pakistan’s pro-terror policies. He clarified that the terrorist outfits causing destruction in India are being provided all the necessary aid by Pakistan. He said, as Pakistan had not made any changes to this policy, India was also reaching at the end of its patience and if under such circumstances, another terror attack was launched on India from the Pakistani land, it would have devastating consequences. He also reprimanded that the tensions were a result of Pakistan’s irresponsible policy. He expressed his concerns over the situation by saying that in the year 2017, the tensions between the two countries could escalate even further.

Pakistan must change its pro-terror policies if the tensions with India are to be avoided. It must stop aiding terrorists and make progress in the investigation of the 2016 Pathankot terrorist attack. The Pak-based terror groups had attacked the Indian air base in Pathankot. India had submitted the evidence to Pakistan. Even after admitting to the attack being strategized in Pakistan, Pakistan had evaded taking action in this incident. If Pakistan does not make any progress in this investigation, it would be difficult to normalize its relations and begin talks with India, warned Coats.

Coats further said that, while India’s importance is increasing at an international level, Pakistan is seen to be at an impasse. As a way out of this situation, Pakistan will definitely reach out to China. Thus, it would give China an opportunity to increase its influence in the Indian Ocean Region, added the director of National Intelligence. At this time, Courts stated the possibility of Pak-based terrorists launching terror attacks in the coming times on the ‘Economic corridor’ project being developed by China in Pakistan. Also, by acting against the terror groups that stand against Pakistan, it may attempt to resolve its internal security issues. In the hearing, Daniel Coats recorded the conclusion that Pakistan would never take action against the terror groups causing destruction in India and Afghanistan no matter what. Coats brought to notice the fact that such policies of Pakistan were accountable for creating a huge threat to US’s interests.

US lays restrictions on those aiding terrorists in Pakistan

Washington: The US has put restrictions on individuals and organisations raising funds for the terrorist organisations. This includes restrictions on the  mastermind of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai, Hafiz Saeed’s  ‘Lashkar-e-Taiba’ and ‘Jama’at-ud-Da’wah’ along with other terrorist organisations like Taliban, Al-Quran and ‘ISIS Khorasan’ . This includes Hayatullah Ghulam Mohammed ( Haji Hayatullah), Ali Mohammed Abu Turab , Inayat-Ur Rahman and the restrictions imposed on his organisation.

This decision was taken as a part of the efforts to corner the terrorists by cutting off the financial supply, informed John Smith, the Director of the US Finance Department ‘Office of Foreign Assets Control’ ( OFAC). The US has always taken strict action on the terrorists in Pakistan and in this region.The relations between the restriction imposed individuals / organisations and the terrorists have come to light and accordingly this step was taken, claimed Mr. Smith.

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  1. Suhas   May 27, 2017 at 10:24 am

    Dear Mr Dan Coats. Your observations are impeccable and correct . India is on the path of undeterred development under its current Government. While it looks to normalize the situation on the Subject continent it will not wink an eye if any more misadventures are played on its soil by Pakistan. Pathankot is only one such incidence among many like the 26.11 and the recent abduction of Ex Navy Officer Kulbhushan Jadhav whose hearing is sub judice at the International Court of Justice at Vienna. ……Despite all hurdles India is poised to take a Leadership role in the Asian Peninsula in the next 7-8 years . That’s a certainty. So Dear Pakistan Brothers…..decide: you “Shape in” OR “Ship Out” by then !!!!….From a Proud Indian Citizen Suhas Prabhu

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  3. Vinod   May 28, 2017 at 3:08 pm

    Well US is the ultimate responsible
    for the tension between India and Pak. And the goal of the US is to keep up the conflict so that both countries would weapons from them and their economy flourish..


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