Chinese activities in Indian Ocean will create instability, warn military analysts

Kolkata: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is making efforts to build a military base in the Indian Ocean, for the last many years. Military analysts warned that these Chinese activities would destabilise the sector. Analysts have also suggested that if these Chinese activities are to be countered, there is a need to increase their military cooperation among the QUAD countries India, the United States, Japan and Australia.


Chinese activities in the Indian Ocean will create instability, warn military analystsPradeep Kaushiva, Retired Vice-Admiral of the Indian Navy and Commandant at the ‘National Defence College’ and other analysts expressed concerns over the increasing Chinese activities in the Indian Ocean at a webinar. Kaushiva pointed out that PLA’s Navy is making its moves in the Indian Ocean region under a predefined military plan. Chinese target is creating a chain of naval bases, in the Indian Ocean region, to reduce the geographical distances from China. Kaushiva pointed out that these aggressive political and military activities by China can affect peace in this region.

In this situation, to stop Chinese expansionism and increasing security of the region, the military cooperation among the QAUS countries, India, the United States, Japan and Australia has to be established. David Brewster, Researcher at the Australian ‘National Security College’, also advised being cautious about the Chinese political and military movements in the Indian Ocean region. At the same time, Brewster said that QUAD must play an important role in stopping the Chinese activities.

Jayanath Colombage, the former commandant of the Sri Lankan Navy and analyst, also said that their country to was upset with the Chinese activities in the Indian Ocean. Although China has purchased an 85% stake in the Hambantota port, the port still belongs to Sri Lanka and China has no rights over the port. At the same time, Colombage clarified that Sri Lanka would never allow the port to be used against India. The Sri Lankan government also has clarified its position regarding the Hambantota Port.

Meanwhile, The United States is appealing that the QUAD cooperation between India, the United States, Japan and Australia, should not be limited to economic cooperation. The United States has demanded that Australia should be included in the Malabar exercises held jointly by India, the United States and Japan, taking the exercises to a new height.

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